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Why do we need a New Zealand Registered Celebrant for our marriage or civil union?

You need a New Zealand Registered Celebrant to perform your marriage or civil union to ensure that your ceremony is legal and legitimate.

How do we choose a celebrant?

The New Zealand Gazette lists all active and current celebrants. Here you will find the celebrants in your area. Meet as many or as few as you need, arrange an initial meeting (this should be at no charge to you). You will find the celebrant who best fits your purpose.

What are the celebrant's responsibilities?

The celebrant is responsible for ensuring your marriage or civil union is legitimate and legal. The celebrant will advise you on the processes required in order to ensure that all legalities are covered. The celebrant will send your completed Copy of Particulars to the office of Births, Deaths, and Marriages within 10 days of the ceremony in order to be registered.

What are we responsible for?

You will need to apply for a Marriage or Civil Union licence in the 3 months (and at least 3 working days) prior to the ceremony. You will need to ensure that all information is correct and true when you are filling out your application. Applications can be done on-line, at the local BDM office or courthouse, or over the phone.

Are you able to work outside Timaru?

I am very happy to perform your ceremony both in Timaru and anywhere in Ne Zealand. My local community is South Canterbury, but if your ceremony occurs outside this area then there will be a travel cost (see my Pricing page).

What if we don't want a traditional ceremony?

As an independent celebrant, I do not have any religious affiliations. Therefore, we can create a bespoke ceremony which best fits your ideas and needs. We can be as non-traditional as want (apart from a couple of legalities that we must inset into the ceremony).

What is your fee?

My charge is $260 for a unique and individualised ceremony. This can be negotiable depending on circumstances.

What do we get for our money?

This includes a first meeting, signing of contract, second meeting to gather your information so that I can write an individualised and worthy ceremony, limitless ceremony/vow edits, rehearsal with the complete wedding party and the music person so that everyone knows what part they play, where everybody stands and moves in the ceremony, and when their part is expected so that everything goes smoothly on the day, and the actual ceremony on the big day.


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